About Innovation Economy

Innovation Economy strives to be the best source of news, information, and advice for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone concerned about a strong local economy. Our team works diligently to bring together the best and brightest freelancers, contractors, economic advisors, and political figures, all dedicated to ensuring they provide the proper platform for learning and development. Check out the names and departments behind this innovative site and be sure to contact us if you need more information about our work and our mission.

Business Innovation Team

Our business innovation team is dedicated to finding the latest news on upgrades and modifications to technology, raw materials, supply chain, and other aspects of industry that affect businesses both large and small. The entire team works tirelessly to fact check every story as it comes in and then present these stories to our audience, with an emphasis on how these changes and innovations affect both the entrepreneur and the consumer. The team also checks submissions from area business owners, contractors, city and state leaders, economists, and other commentators affected by those industries and their innovations.

Technology Team

Innovations in technology affect every industry and every business, large and small. Staying up to date with that technology can be a challenge for any business owner, contractor, or entrepreneur, and especially those who rely on that technology for growth.
Our technology team is dedicated to finding out the latest news about emerging trends in technology and how those trends can be utilized by business owners and even consumers to encourage a stronger economy. From smart designs in home appliances to computerized processes and improved engineering and web design, today’s technology affects every aspect of your business and the overall economy, which is why our team works so hard to bring news of that technology to you!

Opportunity Zones

At Innovation Economy, we realize that many persons have the entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to succeed, but aren’t sure the right industry or service for them. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that no opportunity is overlooked when it comes to freelancers, contractors, and entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.
Whether it’s the most successful franchises available today, small businesses that you can start on a limited budget, or a place to find the highest-paying freelance gigs for professionals, Innovation Economy welcomes the chance to showcase those opportunities to others. We also welcome stories from others who have had their own successes in starting a new business, franchising, or seeing their small business grow over the years, so others can learn from their stories and see their own successes as well!

Community Development

Innovation Economy knows that a strong economy is the backbone of any community, and ensures that our staff of experts continuously educate themselves on developing economic trends around the country and the world. We ensure that our information is of particular use in local neighborhoods and has a great impact on everyday communities as well as fitting in with global trends and economic development everywhere.