Small Business Innovations To Watch Out For in the Coming Years!

The world of small business ownership, freelancing, and independent contracting is booming and is not expected to slow down anytime soon! More and more companies are contracting out as many jobs as possible and more people are seeing that they need to make a job for themselves rather than relying on anyone else for work. Today’s business environment also make it an excellent time for entrepreneurs to finally follow their dream of starting their own company.

If you’re a small business owner, contractor, or freelancer, note a few innovations to watch out for in the coming years. This will ensure you’re taking full advantage of all the tools available for making your business or other endeavors a success.

Personalized Apps

Chances are that very few people would think of hiring an Uber or checking the balance of their accounts at a credit union without using that company’s smart phone app. Personalized apps, designed specifically for your company, make it easy for consumers to conduct their business with you and you alone, generating new business and encouraging repeat business.

If your small business doesn’t have an app, you can have them designed by any number of tech companies and even freelancers! Your app can then be listed in online catalogs designed for various smart phone brands and service providers, allowing customers to find you and return to your company for new business as often as possible.

Technology in Consumer Products

More and more consumer products are likely to involve some form of technology, something that a small business owner or freelancer would do well to take advantage of in the coming years! As an example of technology in the simplest of consumer products, pet doors and collars are more often equipped with sensors so that the door remains shut until the pet approaches. This keeps raccoons and other unwanted visitors from using that pet door for entry into a home!

Sneaker soles and football helmets might include monitors that protect a jogger or player from injury. Microchips designed to fit a number of products allow a person to track them when stolen. Small business owners might offer such technology in their products while freelancers might take advantage of this innovation and design such technology for everyday consumer goods!


Cryptocurrency refers to online currency or an internet means of exchange without the use of standard banks and credit unions. While there is some controversy over cryptocurrency there are also many advantages to this form of financial transaction, and this method of payment is becoming more widely accepted by even large retailers as its exchanges typically avoid the standard fees charged by banks and other financial institutions.

If you’re a small business owner, freelancer, or general contractor, you might consider the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency as a means of payment. There are online sites that accept such payments for you as well as apps you might try, for in-person billing and payment. This might allow you to expand your customer base and also avoid steep fees you would otherwise face from your bank or credit union.

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