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Fort Collins Roofing Talks Innovations In Their Industry!

The team at Fort Collins Roofing knows that when you consider your commercial and residential roofing, you probably don’t think there could be much innovation in this industry. After all, a structure’s roof is comprised of several layers of dense, durable materials topped off by shingles or tiles, all of which have been in use for decades. You don’t use a remote control to operate the roof and a roof doesn’t have moving parts controlled by a computer, so there is little to no technology in the function of a roof.

While it’s true that the roof itself may be devoid of much technology, this doesn’t mean that the roofing industry itself is without constant innovation! A structure’s roof is a vital part of its overall framework and one of the main insulators for interior spaces. As roofing materials are exposed to harsh sunlight, high winds, heavy rains and snowstorms, and other damaging elements, it’s vital that materials used for roofing are as strong and durable as possible.

Homeowners today are also more environmentally aware than ever before, and are more apt to make eco-friendly choices when it comes to the materials and installation processes for every part of their home, including the roof. With all these considerations in mind, the roofing industry is innovating constantly, with new materials, application processes, and much more. Consider a few innovations that we at Fort Collins Roofing have enjoyed learning about over the years and which we’re excited to work into our roof repairs in Fort Collins as well as utilize for new roof installations in the area:

  • Cool roofs use lighter-colored materials that deflect sunlight rather than absorb it. Deflecting sunlight keeps a building cooler overall, resulting in lower utility costs during summer months. Your structure will also have less heat trapped in the attic, for a reduced risk of resultant mold growth.
  • Green roofs aren’t actually green, but take advantage of sunlight exposure by setting aside a part of the roof for growing vegetation. Vegetation also helps to keep a roof cooler while improving air quality. On larger structures, that vegetation can even be harvested, providing a food source as well as lower utility costs!
  • A blue roof is designed to take advantage of falling rainwater, with built-in trenches or other designs that direct rainwater to landscaping features, a garden, and so on. Blue roofs also help to avoid sewer and drain backups, by slowing down the flow of water as it runs off a roof.
  • Metal roofs are gaining in popularity with homeowners because of their overall durability and appearance. A metal roof can last for decades, even centuries! A metal roof can also be installed over a structure’s current roof, avoiding the cost and hassle of a tear-off.

Solar Innovation for Fort Collins Roofing Installation

One of the best innovations for roofing installation in Fort Collins is solar! Today’s solar panels are more affordable than ever before, and are easier to install than you might realize. They’re also durable and go for years without ever needing repairs.

Residential and commercial solar panels are also being improved constantly, with some connected to rotating bases that follow the movement of the sun, ensuring maximum collection of sunlight. Built-in cleaning devices also sweep across the face of those panels, keeping them clear as needed.

If you’re in the market for a new roof installation or need roof repairs in Fort Collins CO, the team at Fort Collins is happy to show you even more innovations in the industry and how updated roofing materials can benefit your home or business. Whatever your needs for roofing materials in Fort Collins, turn to the pros at Fort Collins Roofing today!

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