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Cypress AC Repair Pros Discusses the R22 Ban and Its Effect on Their Industry

Cypress AC Repair Pros is proud of the work offered by our expert heating and cooling contractors in the Cypress TX area, and take great pride in ensuring our customers receive nothing but topnotch, expert service along with industry-leading replacement parts and appliances. All the new furnaces and air conditioners we offer to our customers are energy-efficient and durable, meant to function for years before needing repairs.

While today’s air conditioners are designed with energy-efficiency and overall durability in mind, older HVAC units are notorious for leaking refrigerant through damaged hoses and poor-quality connectors. In the past, our HVAC contractors in Cypress could easily recharge those units with a new R22 refrigerant, commonly called Freon, but all that is about to change! R22 refrigerant is soon to be discontinued in the United States and worldwide, due to its harmful effects on the environment.

What the R22 Discontinuation Means for Heating and Cooling in Cypress

First note that the ban on R22 goes into effect on January 1, 2020; while the ban means that no one will be able to manufacture, import, or otherwise distribute R22 after that time, this doesn’t mean that R22 will simply go away on that day! Remaining stocks of R22 will be legally allowed for use in repairing older air conditioning systems that require Freon as a refrigerant.

However, note that supplies of R22 will obviously become more and scarce after January 1, 2020. As those supplies dwindle, pricing will no doubt rise, so that repairs and refrigerant recharges on older models of air conditioners then become more expensive overall. Some heating and cooling contractors in Cypress might also simply run out of R22 and not have contact with suppliers with Freon in stock, so that they cannot provide any refrigerant recharges on older air conditioning models.

For customers with older air conditioning units, it’s good to note how your repair costs might rise in the near future. It’s also good to consider the need for a new air conditioning installation in Cypress altogether! Eventually your older HVAC unit will need more refrigerant than what is available so that you’ll need to invest in a new air conditioner, compatible with today’s brands of refrigerant.

Added Benefits of a New Air Conditioning Installation in Cypress

Every homeowner and business owner in the Cypress area with an older air conditioner would do well to consider upgrading to a new heating and cooling system as soon as possible, to avoid having to go without a functioning AC unit if your current system should lose refrigerant. However, there are many other added benefits of investing in a new air conditioning installation in Cypress before your current unit needs repairs:

  • An energy-efficient air conditioning installation can mean lower utility costs overall.
  • Zone thermostats allow you to control the cooling in separate areas of your home or business. You can then keep occupied areas cooler as needed, without wasting power on cooling unoccupied spaces.
  • An updated, built-in air filtration system means better indoor air quality for a healthier interior environment.
  • Today’s heating and cooling systems are often built for durability, an important consideration in the Cypress area! Investing in a durable HVAC system now can mean fewer repair bills over the years and a longer lifespan for your new air conditioning installation.

While Cypress AC Repair Pros knows that changes in our industry can present certain challenges for our HVAC contractors in Cypress, we are also dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the highest quality repairs at the lowest prices possible. We encourage anyone in the Cypress area to call us with any questions you might have about your HVAC system and about how the ban on R22 refrigerant might affect your air conditioner and your heating and cooling needs.

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